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Golden Pothos - 6”

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This Golden Pothos hanging basket is the perfect plant for the beginner or forgetful gardener. The hook on this Pothos plant hanging basket is removable. Not only is this Pothos plant very hardy and easy to care for, it is excellent at removing toxins in the air. The Golden Pothos plant produces cascading vines with heart-shaped, glossy leaves featuring elegant patterns and shapes. Pothos plants can grow well in a wide variety of environments but prefers a location with shady to high, indirect light.

  • Excellent at removing toxins in the air
  • Golden pothos plant is hardy and easy to care for
  • Pothos plant prefers shade to partial shade
  • Pothos plants have an elegant and unique look
  • Golden Pothos plant will bring stylish splendor to nearly any setting


NOTE: Plant size may slightly vary.